Monday, March 28, 2011

Why you trippin'?!

In an attempt to dominate boredom last summer Me, Brianna, and Barney hatched a diabolical plan to pretend that we have a TV travel show called "why you trippin"! We each grabbed a camera and set off for the day on bikes. Brianna shot video with a Nikon D5000, Barney used a GoPro, and I had a Canon HV30 HD video camera.

I've been filming crappy dreams for years and know the chances of getting randomly good footage can be high. If you wander around enough and feel out people's creepy vibes you can harness the power. A sixth sense of crappiness. A fine example of this is when Todd C. of Recess Records wanted to make a LP commercial for the band Pud. We just drove around "feeling it"until this happened.

That won't happen everyday but don't let it discourage you from dream living. We didn't. With no script and no plan we headed off into uncharted filming territories fairly certain that nobody wants to see a show like this. Shoot from the gut is what I say! Get out there and catch the sweet wind of video magic!

Soundtrack is Todd C. and the Arrivals on Recess Records!


  1. I would watch the shit out of this show.

  2. This really is a good concept. Nice editing my friend!!!

    Buzzer sound F/X were perfect!