Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UFO Festival!!

I have a confession to make. I once saw a UFO. While tagging along on a Toys that Kill tour we stopped along the highway somewhere in Colorado. I decided to sleep out on top of a little hill under the big sky. It was one of those nights when the stars were so bright they were keeping me awake. There seemed to be a lot of activity up there so I just stared away. It was like, far out man. I saw a couple bright shooting stars, satellites, planes, constellations, etc. Then something caught my eye. I thought it was a satellite because it was moving like one. Then it started to disappear and reappear in different areas and then zig zag moving faster than anything near it! By now I was sitting up and double checking myself. To this day I have no idea what that was but it was definitely an unidentified flying object! I don't believe it was an alien flying around. If anything it seemed more like some high tech military craft practicing slick moves. But none the less, when Steven Hawkwind told me he was going to head on down to the McMinnville UFO festival the other weekend, I handed him a camera and was like "capture some sweet magic sweet bro!" This is what went down............

Monday, March 28, 2011

Why you trippin'?!

In an attempt to dominate boredom last summer Me, Brianna, and Barney hatched a diabolical plan to pretend that we have a TV travel show called "why you trippin"! We each grabbed a camera and set off for the day on bikes. Brianna shot video with a Nikon D5000, Barney used a GoPro, and I had a Canon HV30 HD video camera.

I've been filming crappy dreams for years and know the chances of getting randomly good footage can be high. If you wander around enough and feel out people's creepy vibes you can harness the power. A sixth sense of crappiness. A fine example of this is when Todd C. of Recess Records wanted to make a LP commercial for the band Pud. We just drove around "feeling it"until this happened.

That won't happen everyday but don't let it discourage you from dream living. We didn't. With no script and no plan we headed off into uncharted filming territories fairly certain that nobody wants to see a show like this. Shoot from the gut is what I say! Get out there and catch the sweet wind of video magic!

Soundtrack is Todd C. and the Arrivals on Recess Records!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Squatchin' with buddies!

I love to go Squatchin'! I like to think of it as camping with a twist. Although there are plenty of Bigfoot sightings on the edges of towns we often find ourselves miles from them woven deep back on old logging roads. There's nothing like setting up an old school camp, cooking on an open fire, and sipping some pine needle tea after a long days drive. On one of these trips I brought out the old video camera and shot some "footy". The following video should give an idea about how things go down without giving too many details. I'll have more videos on this in the future as I edit old footage. Besides, there are better places to go for the nitty gritty on Squatchin'. Like NorthAmericanBigfoot BigfootLunchClub and ThomSquatch

Guy Edwards and Cliff Barackman

Some of the key things I look for are good company, a chance to practice outdoor skills, a place to see wildlife and some radical habitat for a huge awesome forest Ninja to live! If you got two out of three of those things, count me in!

Barney showing his sensitive side with Boofy

Here's a 5 minute clip that gives a brief rundown of our 3 day weekend adventure in Mt Hood last year! Cliff Barackman is our guide and the soundtrack is the Underground Railroad to Candyland doing the Link Wray classic Run! Chicken! Run!

Monday, March 14, 2011

the Deep River Massacre

Billy, Barney and Bj. The stars!!!

Going through old footage is making me nuts! I was working on some long winded video when Brianna came in and told me it was boring. She was right. So I went back through the archives and came across this unfinished masterpiece made back in 1998? I punched it up in post and came up with this crap! Watch for Billy's painted on widows peak. The original concept from what was supposed to be that a group of gothic kids start disappearing in a small town one by one. It seems there is a gothic serial killer on the loose but really it's just that they keep getting hit by the town drunk because of their all black night time attire! This crap still cracks me up. So here is the Deep River Massacre in all its glory for the first time!

The Deep River Massacre