Monday, March 14, 2011

the Deep River Massacre

Billy, Barney and Bj. The stars!!!

Going through old footage is making me nuts! I was working on some long winded video when Brianna came in and told me it was boring. She was right. So I went back through the archives and came across this unfinished masterpiece made back in 1998? I punched it up in post and came up with this crap! Watch for Billy's painted on widows peak. The original concept from what was supposed to be that a group of gothic kids start disappearing in a small town one by one. It seems there is a gothic serial killer on the loose but really it's just that they keep getting hit by the town drunk because of their all black night time attire! This crap still cracks me up. So here is the Deep River Massacre in all its glory for the first time!

The Deep River Massacre


  1. This is brilliant. Its like a muddy time capsule that's been pissed on so you can see the contents through the glass.

    Anybody who knows Craig or myself, knows that a high compliment.

    I have to say Billy as Nihilistic Neil encouraging Mystic Antoine has got to be the best editing in the world! The anticipation just builds until Billy breaks character.

  2. WoW! Guy, you really should think about being a film critic. I'm glad you got my back breaking things down to the nitty gritty. I just hope I don't "F" up. Then I'm really going to hear about it!