Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of 2010 - Married!

Besides all the camping, bigfooting, and Bob Sageting in 2010, the highlight by far, was getting married! I never suspected the day would come and I'm pretty sure the 23 year old me would of puked on my balls at the mere mention of such an undertaking.

Although me and Brianna didn't start off so great, mostly due to me drunkenly grabbing at her through the years in San Pedro, always ending in a loud slap across my face. Six years later things are better than ever. It's awesome to find someone to grow with and push your crappy little dreams to the fullest. I feel like I got my big boy pants on and they are tight....... and polka dotted.

Married life is supposed to change a bro, or at least that's what they tell me on the loading dock at work. I heard tales of wives banishing balls to purses. But, I feel my job already puts my balls in their purse. Having to get up so early can really whip a night hawk into shape. When you find someone good and the timing is right, do yourself a favor and don't be a pussnuts. Marry that bitch. You hear me ladies.

It was nice to see friends I haven't seen in awhile and my fam jam from Connecticut. Brianna's family hanging out with mine. It was too funny. Everyone came together and helped us have a cool little wedding. I couldn't of been happier.

Cliff was rad enough to do a jazz guitar version of Destiny child's song "bills bills bills" for Brianna to walk down the aisle to. James "Bobo" Fay performed the ceremony complete with the controversial couch-break courtship story.

We got married at the Estacada library then the wedding party was whisked away in a short school bus down the road to the reception at the Safari club. This place was basically a bar that housed the taxidermy collection of a dude named Glen Park who, in the 1960's traveled the world shooting things.

He shot the crap out of a Polar Bear, Grizzly bear, bear cub, eagles, weird Africa ungulates, mountain lions, Hyenas and a bunch more! Eventually the place was sold and became a bit of a dive bar. We thought it was the perfect mix of a natural history museum and place to get your drink on, so we rented it out for the night! Brianna and her fam jam and friends cleaned that place like three times, it was a hot mess. When I walked in those doors I couldn't believe it. Years of cigarette and beer stains on the glass were wiped clean. It was party time!


  1. Its nice to see the documentation of something so great! Is that puking kid you? I can't quite tell.

  2. oh ya, there will probably be a blog on all that stuff someday!